The women of Mjs Floral Boutique have found their niche in creating beautiful wedding bouquets.  For these florists, floral design is a living art piece, a collaboration between the bride and florist to create a unique, stunning arrangement that encapsulates the bride’s personality and vision.

I recently had an opportunity to meet up with two of the owners of our local flower boutique. Sisters, Kelsea and Sarah have had a life-long interest in visual arts and photography, and all things beautiful.  Flower design has been a fortuitous career choice for both of them; it’s become their avenue to create beautiful individualized art pieces.   

Here are some snippets from our conversation:

CC: What is the starting point for flower design?

Mjs: Color scheme.

Once we know the colors the bridal couple has selected we want to know all the details about the wedding dress and aspects of the couple’s life that they are pulling into the wedding day. We collect information about their relationship and their interests to create the flower arrangements because we want the flowers to be as unique as the couple.

CC: How much or how little should a bride be influenced by current trends?

Mjs: Little, the less the better really. Otherwise the bride ends up with a bouquet like everyone else’ bouquet.

CC: What’s the most important consideration brides should have when choosing wedding flowers?

Mjs: Be open to suggestions from your florist. Be willing to consider different blooms and seasonal flowers. There are so many sources of inspiration. As designers, we want to create arrangements that are suited to the bride, we think every bride deserves her own bouquet not just a replica from Pinterest.

CC: How much of the wedding budget should be allocated to flowers?

Mjs: Industry standard is 5-10%, but it should really depend on how much the bride loves flowers.  There are so many ways to use flowers to create a specific atmosphere within the venue.

CC: Any tips for staying within budget?

Mjs: Be open to suggestions from your florist, there are so many beautiful options.

CC: What should not be compromised when selecting flowers?

Mjs: The bride’s bouquet is the most photographed arrangement. When the wedding day is past the bride’s bouquet serves as a reminder of all the flowers from the wedding day. During the design process, we will hold the bouquet in front of the mirror and take pictures to ensure the final product is photogenic.

CC: Any recommendations for selecting a florist?

Mjs: It’s the same as selecting a photographer. Choosing a florist is choosing an artist, it’s important to like their style. We advise to check out social media and make sure you like the florist’s designs, so that on your wedding day you’re not surprised.

As professionals, it’s our job to care for the flowers until the wedding. When you select a florist, you want someone who has access to the best blooms and understands how to care for the flowers throughout every step of the process. Flowers require attention from their arrival day until they are delivered. We always order our flowers at least a month in advance, when our blooms arrive we inspect them and if we have concerns about their longevity or color we still have time to reorder for the wedding.

CC: Any tips for making floral consultation run smooth?

Mjs: Know your numbers… how many attendants, tables, bouquets, archways, aisles and budget. We also send out a questionnaire beforehand to ensure that we have a good understanding of the bridal couple. By understanding different elements of the couple’s life and their vision for their wedding we are able to create pieces that reflect their style. Our flowers showcase this collaborative process where the couple is the inspiration for our designs.

CC: How far in advance should a bride book a florist?

Mjs: Six months, everything we do is a process. It takes time to design arrangements and get to know the couple. A month prior we order all the flowers and finalize the details.

CC: Additional Advice

Mjs: Don’t be concerned about your budget, we do it all. Every bride deserves a beautiful unique piece on their wedding. There is no budget too small.