Congratulations, You’re Engaged! Now What?


Congratulations, You’re Engaged! Now What?

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. You may have had an inkling it was coming or have been completely surprised – but either way (assuming you said yes), you are now engaged and well on your way to walking down the aisle – congratulations!

But just what do you need to focus on right now, and what can you put off until later? With the average engagement time being 12 to 18 months, there are some things that you should be thinking about now. Here are some tips on what you should think about sooner rather than later.

Roz Edge Photography

Roz Edge Photography

Take a Moment with Your Partner to Celebrate

Chances are your partner has been planning a long time to ask you to marry them. They may have had the engagement plans in the works for a few months now, so do both of yourselves a favour and just revel in the feeling of being newly engaged without talking about your future wedding. There will be plenty of time to discuss ideas later and once you break the news to your loved ones, you will be peppered with questions. Take this time, just the two of you, to let it all sink in before sharing your good news.

Tell Your Loved Ones

While it may be an unintentional oversight, many couples fail to tell their loved ones personally about their engagement. In their excitement, more and more these days couples are announcing their upcoming nuptials on social media, and for your families and closest friends that just won’t do. Pick up the phone and let them know or if possible, let them know in person. It might seem like a small detail to you and easier to tell everyone in one fell swoop; however, your parents and loved ones will appreciate finding out through you instead of scrolling on social media.

Red Tree Photography

Red Tree Photography

Decide Whether or Not You Want an Engagement Party

It may not be necessary, but it can be a lot of fun to hold an engagement party to celebrate your great news with your closest family and friends. This can be done before or after breaking the news on social media, and it can be a casual or dressy event. A lot of people see this step as a formality, but it might be a good idea to contemplate having one as a way to celebrate this major life event with those dear to you.

Set up a Wedding Email Address

It’s a small detail, but setting up an email address for the two of you to use when attending wedding events, signing up for newsletters online, or to use for communicating with wedding vendors is not a step to overlook. This way you can both see your correspondence and have records of conversations with vendors without having to sort through your already overflowing inbox. Keeping it all separate will make your lives easier.

Kara Hockley Photography

Kara Hockley Photography

Insure Your Ring and Resize as Necessary

Often getting overlooked in the excitement and initial planning, don’t delay in insuring your ring. This can be done through the jeweller where your fiancé purchased the ring or added to your existing home insurance policy. Sizing should also be a top priority if needed, not only so you can show off the ring when you announce your engagement, but also to make sure it is safely secured on your finger. 

 Also think about getting a manicure; all eyes will be on your left hand so it’s not a bad idea to show off your ring in style.

Discuss Your Budget

It may not be romantic, but discussing your budget is a huge and necessary step in planning your wedding. It will help to determine the size of your guest list and venue, which are two of the biggest decisions you will need to make in the planning process. Your budget can even affect what time of year you will be getting married so deciding how much money you have to spend and where it will come from is key to making some major decisions for your big day.

Ross Dance Photography

Ross Dance Photography

create a Preliminary Guest List

It is a good idea to write out a preliminary guest list, adding everyone you can think of that you would want to invite to your future nuptials. Having a rough idea of how many people you intend to invite will significantly help with your budget planning and steer you toward the right venue. It will also determine how large your décor, floral and catering budgets should be. You can always change your guest list size as you go, but making up an initial list will give you a good sense of what you’re working with and will help you with other decisions.

Nicole Leclair Photography

Nicole Leclair Photography

Start to Gather Inspiration

Browsing Pinterest and Instagram, looking at magazines, pouring over photos from weddings you’ve attended – whichever method you prefer, finding wedding inspiration to spark ideas is a great thing to do as a couple to determine the look and feel for your day. Gathering ideas is something you should do throughout your engagement, but knowing whether or not you want to go bohemian or country rustic will affect what kind of venue and vendors you will need to execute your vision.

Assess Your Non-Negotiable vs. Flexible Items

If you’re like most brides-to-be then you have thought about your wedding day, at least in some part, long before you got engaged. Make sure to sit down with your partner to each make a list of your non-negotiables. If they’ve always envisioned wearing casual clothes and having a small wedding and you are dreaming of a huge affair with everyone decked out to the nines, then you need to decide on what you can be flexible on and what you can’t live without. You have to be on the same page and be working toward a common goal; and, if need be, learn to compromise to create a day you both enjoy.

Zoya Lynch Photography. Wedding Planning & Design by Mountain Bride

Zoya Lynch Photography. Wedding Planning & Design by Mountain Bride

Decide if You Will Hire a Wedding Planner

If you want to hire a planner, then it is helpful to find one before you make too many major decisions. They are usually very well connected and can help steer you in the direction of venues that fit your budget and vision as well as assist with the look and feel of your wedding. If you know that having a planner is an essential part of your wedding dream, then look for one early on in the planning process.

Think About Wedding Dates

You don’t need to nail a wedding date down immediately. In fact, it is much easier to tour venues with a few dates in mind rather than having one specific date picked out. It’s often a good idea to start by deciding on a season you wish to have your wedding and then looking for conflicting dates such as family anniversaries, birthdays and travel plans, for you two as well as your closest friends and family members. Knowing which dates do and do not work for you is important before touring venues.

Skyblue Photography

Skyblue Photography

Tour Potential Venues

Once you’ve come up with some dates that work for you and your families and have determined a rough guest list size, it’s time to look for a venue that supports both of these criteria as well as your overall vision. At Cherry Creek Estate, our couples tend to book an average of 10-12 months in advance of their wedding date, depending on the season and the size of their guest list. 

Try to tour two to five venues that fit your needs in as close a span as possible. Make sure to take notes and photos to refresh your memory when discussing them later! Ask for a preferred vendor list and get a wedding guide if they provide them too – these are already made tools so why not take advantage? Gather all of this information together with your fiancé and decide on which venue best suits your wedding vision and budget.

Begin Researching Vendors

Some vendors, especially photographers, can have dates booked up to a year in advance so don’t delay researching vendors early on in the planning process. If you’re unsure about a photographer and had plans to do engagement photos, why not book them for an engagement session to see if they’re a good fit? It is important to find a photographer whose style you like as well as trust and mesh well with – after all, they will be capturing memories that will last you a lifetime. If you aren’t planning to do an engagement session, then at least make sure you meet the photographers you are interested in to discuss their process. This goes for other vendors, too – see if you can try potential caterers’ meals or check out a show with a DJ or band you like before booking them.

Portraits by Lucy

Portraits by Lucy

Think About Your Bridal Party

For some, this is an easy decision. For others, it takes quite a while before deciding on the final group who will stand up with you on your big day. No matter how big your bridal party ends up being, coming to a consensus with your fiancé is an important step in your initial planning. These friends will be assisting you before the big day so the more notice you can give them the better. It also helps to have your bridal party assembled so you can look at dresses together; for them as well as for you.

Sjaane Beattie Photography

Sjaane Beattie Photography

Start Looking at Wedding Dresses

It can take months for a wedding dress to arrive once it has been ordered, and if it needs to be altered, it will be even longer before the dress is safely tucked away in your closet. If the idea of not having your dress on hand a few months before your wedding day makes you panic then you might want to start looking fairly quickly. It can also take time to get a sense of what kind of dress you want and what style suits you best. It helps to look early on in case you decide on a custom-made dress or want to take advantage of a dress sale.  

Take it one day at a time

Many people rush into the planning process and get bogged down in all the minutiae details. Instead, work on the big decisions first and go from there. If there are certain decisions like budget and venue that are holding up other decisions, then go ahead and focus on those first. You will gain momentum once you start checking things off your massive to-do list. Just remember that you only need to focus on one task at a time and be decisive so you don’t have to revisit completed items later on. Take your wedding planning one step at a time and enjoy it!  


Still feeling overwhelmed? Take a peek at our Wedding Planning Timeline which we provide to couples planning a wedding at Cherry Creek Estate as a helpful guide on when specific tasks should be completed! 

Are you planning your wedding? Cherry Creek Estate makes a stunning setting for your special day at any time of year. Contact us today to set up a tour or consultation.


7 Reasons to Choose a Low Season Wedding


7 Reasons to Choose a Low Season Wedding

Photography by Kara Hockley. Florals by MJ's Floral Boutique. Makeup by Candace Janisch. Modelling by Lauren Rousson

Photography by Kara Hockley. Florals by MJ's Floral Boutique. Makeup by Candace Janisch. Modelling by Lauren Rousson

When thinking of weddings, it is quite common to picture a bright, sunny summer day, and with almost 75% of weddings taking place between May and October, it comes as no surprise. This means only a quarter of weddings fall in the other half of the year, leaving it ready to be explored as an option for a wedding date. Here are seven reasons why choosing a low season wedding can be to your advantage.

7. Venues Prices are Reduced in the Low Season

Photography by Cherry Creek Estate

Photography by Cherry Creek Estate

Having a non-peak season wedding often means a discount in price when it comes to venues, vendors and photographers. Cherry Creek Estate is no exception; we provide low season weddings in our Purcell Hall at 25% off the normal price. The space can hold up to 90 guests so there's no need to compromise on your guest list either. Looking in the non-peak season for your wedding date can save you money without having to compromise on your vision.

6. Dramatic Flair with a Gorgeous Backdrop 

Photography by Wild North Photo and Film

Photography by Wild North Photo and Film

Perhaps you've always envisioned wearing a bolero on your wedding day, or pairing a cape with your dress – with a winter wedding, you can do just that! Snow enhanced weddings are majestic when the bridal party wear fur-lined capes or incorporate muffs, and the look can be timeless. Adding colour can also be magical; there is nothing more stunning in a winter landscape than a bride in a coloured dress. As an added bonus, your groom, groomsmen and guests can wear three piece suits without any overheating issues. 

5. Floral Arrangements Are One-of-a-Kind

Photography by Kara Hockley. Florals by MJ's Floral Boutique. Makeup by Candace Janisch. Modelling by Lauren Rousson

Photography by Kara Hockley. Florals by MJ's Floral Boutique. Makeup by Candace Janisch. Modelling by Lauren Rousson

Choosing a low season wedding doesn't mean compromising on floral arrangements. Many florists have popular flowers year-round such as roses and lilies, and if you are open to using seasonal flowers you can end up with a bouquet that is as individual as you are. You can use pussy willows, tulips and cherry blossoms for a unique dramatic effect in spring; dahlias, chrysanthemums and sunflowers in the fall; or snowdrops, Christmas roses and orchids in winter. The possibilities are endless and if you are open to trying new arrangements, your florals can be one-of-a-kind creations that elevate your day.

4. Unique Decor Can match the season

Photography by Cherry Creek Estate

Photography by Cherry Creek Estate

Like your floral arrangements, your decor can also benefit from a wedding set in the low seasons and give you a great starting point for choosing your colour scheme. Colours such as spring green, pinks and light purples are fantastic choices for spring weddings; reds, oranges and yellows look gorgeous in fall nuptials, and deep reds, dark greens and purples make winter ceremonies stunning. You can even incorporate seasonal offerings such as gourds and wheat for a fall wedding or evergreen boughs in winter to make stylized centrepieces that stand out and don't break your bank.

3. Unexpected Weather Can Lead to Unforgettable Moments

Photography by Issac Hockley Photography

Photography by Issac Hockley Photography

From a fresh snowfall in winter to raindrops in spring, unexpected weather can bring a magical feeling to your big day. With a little bit of preparation, these unpredictable weather changes are not to be feared but instead embraced. Imagine the photo opportunities such weather can bring!  Having unpredictable weather can change your wedding for the better and create moments that will be remembered fondly for years to come. 

2. Get Your First Choice of Date

Photography by Portraits by Lucy. Florals by MJ’s Floral Boutique.

Photography by Portraits by Lucy. Florals by MJ’s Floral Boutique.

Most venues start filling up their peak season dates one to three years in advance. The first weekends to quickly become unavailable are from June to August. By considering dates outside of this range, even by a month to May or September you can be saved a lot of heartache and stress. It is much easier to find availability in the low season, and on top of that, you get your pick of dates. By looking at the often overlooked colder half of the year it is more of a guarantee that you will get your first choice of wedding date even as little as six to eight months in advance of booking.

1. Shorter Days Can be Used to Your Advantage

Photography by Scott Little Photography

Photography by Scott Little Photography

In the winter months the sun sets earlier, so if you're planning a sunset photo shoot or ceremony you won't have to wait all night or leave your reception and the dance floor to go get those shots! Shorter days can be advantageous and once everyone is out on the dance floor, no one will care if the sun set early, they will be too busy dancing the evening away!

Are you considering a low season wedding? Cherry Creek Estate makes a stunning setting for your special day at any time of year. Contact us today to set up a tour or consultation and find out how you can save 25% by booking a low season or mid-week wedding.


2018 - Menu Release

2018 - Menu Release


Each year, Chef David Miles modernizes our menu for the upcoming wedding season.  Consistent with our farm to fork philosophy, Chef David takes into consideration what is readily available at local markets when creating new dishes and revitalizing our classics. As a response to the popular trend of smoked foods, we have added a braised beef Brisket. Our menu this year also boasts a Boar belly – this flavorful cut of meat is slow cooked resulting in a tender and ambrosial roast akin to short ribs without the bone.


From the rehearsal dinner, right through to Sunday Brunch, we have a full-service menu that is bound to leave you and your guests content all weekend long. Select your menu items for the weekend and leave the rest to us. After all the details from the rehearsal are ironed out, relax on our back deck overlooking the Rockies while feasting on our Signature Cherry Creek Burger. Start your big day right with a fresh fruit loaf, homemade granola and locally brewed coffee. After your ceremony, gather with your guests in the Villa for passed appetizers. These delectable bites are sure to please even the most discerning palates.  Unique this year, Chef David will be recommending various pairings to enhance the culinary experience of guests during the Wedding Reception. Perfect pairings will be released at our private menu tasting in April. Finish dinner by dazzling your guests’ taste buds with our mouth-watering cheese cake – topped with raspberries grown on-site.  Wrap up your wedding weekend with brunch; enjoy stuffed crepes or Benedict

Rehearsal Dinner

Rehearsal dinners are typically served on our back deck overlooking the Rocky Mountain range.  Choice of one main, two salads, a side and a refreshing seasonal fruit salad


  • Signature Cherry Creek Burger - A custom blend of fresh ground beef in a six-ounce patty and served with an array of garnishes
  • Triple B Burgers - Bison & boar in a six-ounce patty served with bacon and a spicy hoisin aioli and garnishes
  • Grilled Vegetable Stack with hallumi cheese and pesto drizzle
  • Sweet & Spicy Korean Beef Pita with greens, goat cheese and pickled red onion
  • Souvlaki - choice of chicken or pork served with traditional garnishes (pitas, greens, tatziki, tomato, cucumber and red onion)
  • Salmon Fillet Burger on multi-grain bun with lemon dill aioli, shaved red onion, arugula and sliced tomato
  • Baby Back Pork Ribs with maple burbon barbecue sauce
  • Brisket on a bun - served with sweet chilli aioli and crispy onions
  • Striploin Steak Sandwich (eight ounce) on baguette with sauté peppers and onion – please note this item is an up-charge

Salad (choice of 2):

  • Chef’s salad - Market greens and garden veggies as they become available with a strawberry balsamic vinaigrette
  • Cucumber, tomato and feta with herbed vinaigrette (GF)
  • Creamy pesto macaroni        
  • Cherry Creek Caesar
  • House salad with your choice of dressing - coriander apple, balsamic and herbs, honey dijon, estate ranch or creamy garlic raspberry (GF)
  • Chick pea and black bean salad with tomato, bell peppers, red onion, cucumber and feta dressed in a sweet corn vinaigrette


  • Spanish tortilla
  • Roasted mini potatoes with summer herbs
  • Baked potato served with cheddar cheese, roasted garlic sour cream and farm fresh chives GF
  • Country potato salad (GF)
  • Cajun potato wedges (GF)
  • Mac ’n cheese
  • Grilled Vegetable skewers (GF)

Light Breakfast

This two-hour service has a flexible time frame to accommodate your bridal party and guests staying on site.  Includes: berry yogurt, granola, seasonal fruit loaf, assorted juice, coffee and tea station.

Passed Appetizers

Served during Cocktail Hour inside Creekside Villa

Seafood appetizer assortment

  • Mini crab cakes with fruit salsa - served hot
  • Seared scallop with peach preserve on a parmesan chip - served hot
  • Poached pesto lobster tail profiteroles with creme fraiche - served cold
  • Smoke salmon croquettes with lemon dill sauce - served hot

Select any four appetizers

  • Caprese salad bites with balsamic reduction - served cold (GF)
  • House cured salmon on black pepper crostini with Dill cream cheese - served cold
  • Spiced asparagus soup shot with sesame - served cold (GF)
  • Bacon lettuce tomato topped waffle rounds with black pepper mayo
  • Paprika chicken phyllo cups with red pepper, jalapeño pepper and honey crème - served cold
  • Scallion cakes with five spice duck breast and maple aioli - served cold
  • Spanish tortilla with roasted red pepper coulis and manchego cheese - room temperature GF
  • Ham & cheddar croquette bites with ginger apple dip
  • Margherita risotto cakes with fresh mozzarella and sundried tomato pesto
  • Olive oil roasted grape tomato with provolone on pesto crostini - served hot
  • Vietnamese tofu marinated and deep-fried tofu with cilantro, mint, pickled                               cucumber and carrots - served hot (GF)
  • Morrocan spiced lamb sliders with cumin ketchup - served hot
  • Jerk chicken karaage bites with peach aioli - served hot (GF)
  • Hoisin glazed bison meatballs - served hot
  • Black bean cakes with sour cream and pico de gallo - served hot (GF)
  • Roasted jalapeño peppers stuffed with coconut gouda and crab - served hot (GF)

Chef's Seasonal appetizers examples - available only when specified

  • Watermelon feta skewers with balsalmic (late July- August) (GF)
  • Southern style fried cauliflower with spicy cheese dip (mid-July - September)
  • Pecan shortbread with gorgonzola and fresh pear (mid-September - December)
  • Jalapeño and goat cheese stuffed tempura cherries (early August to mid-September
  • Raspberry canapé with goat cheese cream on an almond flax cracker (mid-July to late August)

Stationary Platters

People like to snack!  A great choice to offer guests either pre or post ceremony or even as midnight snack.

  • Chips and Dip - organic corn chips paired with choice of two dips
  • Dip Chips and Crudités - Freshly cut seasonal vegetable, organic corn chips served with your choice of two dips
  • First rate - Freshly cut vegetables, organic corn chips choice of two dips and an assorted cheese platter
  • Artisan Cheese platters  - Customizable collection of BC, Canadian and imported cheeses, crackers, pickled goodies, chutneys, fresh fruit and preserves. 

Optional Dips

  • Roasted garlic hummus
  • Ranch change with blue cheese or other creamy dip
  • Romesco traditional recipe includes gluten and nuts
  • Coconut curry dahl (GF)
  • Spinach and leek
  • Black bean black sesame hummus

Wedding Reception Buffet

Along with your family and friends, your first meal as a married couple is bound to be memorable. Our typical reception buffet includes a choice of two salads, two mains (one from Group A and one from Group B), a side, a potato & rice pilaf. All buffets served with fresh bread/buns and maître d' hotel butter. Every salad can be GF.

Salad: (choice of 2)

  • Canadian Grain Salad -  Prairie grown mix of grains including quinoa, lentils and black beans with dried cranberries, bell peppers, pumpkin seeds and citrus vinaigrette
  • Cherry Creek Caesar with crispy local prosciutto
  • House Salad - mixed greens and seasonal goodies (carrots, red onion, red pepper, cucumber, tomato) tossed with your choice of dressing
  • Coriander apple, balsamic and herbs, honey Dijon, Mediterranean, OR creamy garlic raspberry
  • Mediterranean Fusilli Pasta Salad with cucumbers, bell pepper, red onion, feta, kalamata olives and pesto vinaigrette
  • Cucumber, Feta & Pickled Red Onion on a bed of greens with a honey lemon vinaigrette
  • Chick Pea & Black Bean Salad with tomato, bell peppers, red onion, cucumber and feta dressed  in a sweet corn vinaigrette
  • Seasonal Chef’s Creation - examples: Asparagus arugula and prosciutto salad (mid-May to mid-June),  Spinach salad with strawberries and goat cheese (mid/late June to September), Roasted root vegetable salad with feta (mid/late September to December)

Main: (Choice of one from each group below)

Group A

  • Citrus and herb roasted chickens with citrus gravy (GF)
  • Sweet soy and sage Boar belly (GF)
  • Duck chops with blackberry pinot noir sauce (GF)
  • Pork tenderloin medallions with a ginger cream sauce (GF)
  • Veal and ricotta stuffed cannelloni in rose sauce
  • Beef Cheek tagliatelle in a rich tomato sauce
  • Chicken Saltimbocca with white wine sage light cream sauce (GF)
  • St. Mary’s porter braised beef brisket served with reduced braising liquid

Group B

  • Elk Short Ribs slow roasted and served with a braised sauce (GF)
  • Roasted Duck Breast with apple ginger sauce (GF)
  • Ancho crusted Lois lake Steelhead Salmon with spiced maple syrup glaze (GF)
  • Chinese red braise Pork Cheeks (GF)
  • Roast Beef Striploin with horseradish and choice of sauce: gourmet mushroom medley, mixed peppercorn, chasseur, chimi cherry sauce (GF)
  • Braised Boar Shoulder in a tomato red wine sauce or summer herb cream sauce  (GF)
  • Sockeye Salmon with summer ratatouille (GF)
  • Beef Short Ribs braised in red wine curry sauce (GF)

Vegetarian Main Course Options:

  • Roasted Veggie Stack with grilled halumi cheese and pesto (GF)
  • Spinach, ricotta and herb stuffed cannelloni
  • Mixed grain stuffed peppers in a spiced tomato sauce - (option to be GF)
  • Moroccan chick pea and seasonal vegetable tagine (GF)
  • Polenta Torta -  Layers of polenta, pesto, parmesan cheese, tomato sauce or mushroom ragu and fresh mozzarella

Premium mains: please note these item are an up-charge

  • Pesto baked Halibut with citrus beure blanc (GF)
  • AAA Fresh Prime Rib with horseradish and choice of sauce: strawberry black pepper, gourmet mushroom demi, mixed peppercorn demi, red wine star anise reduction (GF)
  • French inspired red wine braised Lamb Shanks (GF)
  • Bison Roast with black berry sauce GF

Side: GF

  • Seasonal local vegetable medley - a selection of zucchini, bell peppers, carrots, beans, beets, asparagus, broccoli and other local gems
  • Olive oil and black pepper green beans and bell peppers
  • Salt roasted beets with broccoli

Potato: GF

  • Lemon rosemary roasted
  • Garlic and herb cottage style 
  • Roasted garlic Mash Potato - subject to availability

Served with Rice Pilaf - a traditional version using a variety of rice and grains cooked with chicken or vegetable stock.


Category l

  • Vanilla cheesecake on a brown sugar shortbread crust seasonal berry compote, lemon blueberry sauce, strawberry balsamic or chocolate sauce (option to be GF)
  • Coffee and donuts - Expresso chocolate mousse shots and fresh beignets
  • Ice Cream sandwich - Chocolapte chip cookies and vanilla bean ice cream

Category ll

  • Dessert Platter - Mini eclairs, flour less chocolate cake GF, mini carrot cake, coconut macaroons GF and seasonal goodies     
  • Seasonal berry trifle - Vanilla sponge cake, seasonal berries, bourbon pastry cream, cream anglaise and whipped cream

Category lll

  • Chocolate lover’s platter -  Chocolate cheesecake squares, double chocolate cake bites GF, mini eclairs and chocolate macaroons GF served with whip cream and seasonal berries
  • BC & Canadian cheese and fruit platter - Assorted hard, soft cow and goat cheese varieties

Midnight Snack

Fuel the party with a tasty snack.

Category l

  • Traditional platter of delicatessen meats and cheeses, served with buns, crackers, assorted pickles, condiments  

Category ll

  • Morrocan spiced duck wing drumettes with apricot aioli and fries (GF)
  • Poutine Galvaude - chicken gravy, roasted chicken, green peas and cheese curd (GF)
  • Perogies - A selection of locally made perogies served with beer batter onion rings and bacon sour cream dip

Category lll

  • Gourmet grilled cheese sandwich with an aged Canadian and English cheddar and cave aged gruyere served with spicy tomato dip and assorted pickles
  • Prime rib poutine with peppercorn gravy, cheese curds and diced prime rib (GF)
  •  Elk sliders served with kettle cooked potato chips

Category lV

  • Perogies with bacon sour cream and poutine with peppercorn gravy
  • Moroccan duck wings and peppercorn poutine GF

Sunday Brunch 


A wonderful way to connect with family and friends before parting ways. Sunday brunch is served on our back deck or inside Creekside Villa.  Our brunch buffet includes coffee, tea, juice, toast station, a main course, one breakfast meat, hashbrowns & fruit salad.


  • Benedict - Poached eggs, back bacon, tomato and cayenne hollandaise on toasted ciabatta bread - option to replace bacon with smoked salmon
  • Florentine - Poached eggs with sautéed spinach, tomato and cheese sauce on rosti potato GF
  • Stuffed crepes with scrambled eggs cheese, mushroom, onion and peppers.
  • Shirred eggs - Baked eggs garnished with shallots, cream and gruyere GF
  • Brioche goat cheese stuffed French toast with spiced berries and cream
  • Self garnish crepes - warm crepes, whipped cream, seasonal fruit and maple syrup
  • Scramble Egg & smoke salmon phyllo tarts

Breakfast meat:

  • Bacon
  • Back Bacon
  • Ham
  • Breakfast sausages - choice of turkey (when available), pork, or beef                        

Optional Brunch Items: – please note these items incur an up-charge

  • Pancakes with blueberry syrup
  • Additional choice of meat
  • Yogurt with homemade granola



We strive to allow all guests to enjoy the full dining experience however our kitchen is NOT Gluten free, Nut free etc.  The culinary team works very hard to manage all allergy concerns but these cannot be guaranteed. Hence GF is gluten friendly not gluten free – specifically no gluten was used in or around preparation of the item.

Legend: GF = Gluten friendly






A Florist Interview

A Florist Interview

The women of Mjs Floral Boutique have found their niche in creating beautiful wedding bouquets.  For these florists, floral design is a living art piece, a collaboration between the bride and florist to create a unique, stunning arrangement that encapsulates the bride’s personality and vision.

I recently had an opportunity to meet up with two of the owners of our local flower boutique. Sisters, Kelsea and Sarah have had a life-long interest in visual arts and photography, and all things beautiful.  Flower design has been a fortuitous career choice for both of them; it’s become their avenue to create beautiful individualized art pieces.   

Here are some snippets from our conversation:

CC: What is the starting point for flower design?

Mjs: Color scheme.

Once we know the colors the bridal couple has selected we want to know all the details about the wedding dress and aspects of the couple’s life that they are pulling into the wedding day. We collect information about their relationship and their interests to create the flower arrangements because we want the flowers to be as unique as the couple.

CC: How much or how little should a bride be influenced by current trends?

Mjs: Little, the less the better really. Otherwise the bride ends up with a bouquet like everyone else’ bouquet.

CC: What’s the most important consideration brides should have when choosing wedding flowers?

Mjs: Be open to suggestions from your florist. Be willing to consider different blooms and seasonal flowers. There are so many sources of inspiration. As designers, we want to create arrangements that are suited to the bride, we think every bride deserves her own bouquet not just a replica from Pinterest.

CC: How much of the wedding budget should be allocated to flowers?

Mjs: Industry standard is 5-10%, but it should really depend on how much the bride loves flowers.  There are so many ways to use flowers to create a specific atmosphere within the venue.

CC: Any tips for staying within budget?

Mjs: Be open to suggestions from your florist, there are so many beautiful options.

CC: What should not be compromised when selecting flowers?

Mjs: The bride’s bouquet is the most photographed arrangement. When the wedding day is past the bride’s bouquet serves as a reminder of all the flowers from the wedding day. During the design process, we will hold the bouquet in front of the mirror and take pictures to ensure the final product is photogenic.

CC: Any recommendations for selecting a florist?

Mjs: It’s the same as selecting a photographer. Choosing a florist is choosing an artist, it’s important to like their style. We advise to check out social media and make sure you like the florist’s designs, so that on your wedding day you’re not surprised.

As professionals, it’s our job to care for the flowers until the wedding. When you select a florist, you want someone who has access to the best blooms and understands how to care for the flowers throughout every step of the process. Flowers require attention from their arrival day until they are delivered. We always order our flowers at least a month in advance, when our blooms arrive we inspect them and if we have concerns about their longevity or color we still have time to reorder for the wedding.

CC: Any tips for making floral consultation run smooth?

Mjs: Know your numbers… how many attendants, tables, bouquets, archways, aisles and budget. We also send out a questionnaire beforehand to ensure that we have a good understanding of the bridal couple. By understanding different elements of the couple’s life and their vision for their wedding we are able to create pieces that reflect their style. Our flowers showcase this collaborative process where the couple is the inspiration for our designs.

CC: How far in advance should a bride book a florist?

Mjs: Six months, everything we do is a process. It takes time to design arrangements and get to know the couple. A month prior we order all the flowers and finalize the details.

CC: Additional Advice

Mjs: Don’t be concerned about your budget, we do it all. Every bride deserves a beautiful unique piece on their wedding. There is no budget too small.


Looking to Elope?

Looking to Elope?

Sometimes less is more! Escape with your loved ones to the Rocky Mountains to exchange your vows. Cherry Creek Estate offers elopement packages to bring your closest friends and family here to celebrate. Our packages range from small groups of 10 guests to a maximum of 25 guests.

We are now taking bookings for any remaining weekends left this 2017 season! 

Enjoy the Estate all to yourselves for the course of the weekend. Overlook the mountains and ranch-lands as you say “I do” surrounded by those closest to you. If the weather goes south, enjoy your intimate ceremony in our beautiful Purcell Hall Barn.

Head over to our lounges in Creekside Villa to enjoy our Chef's delicious creations of passed appetizers, three course plated dinner staring out at the mountains, and fantastic homemade desserts.

For more information, please contact us directly! 

Open House

Open House

Book a tour of the Estate during our open house on Saturday April 22, 2017 from 10am-1pm.  

We look forward to meeting you.