At Cherry Creek Estate we are fully licensed and therefore are required to provide exclusive full-service bar for all events hosted at our venue.  Our team of experienced bartenders and servers are included in the our venue rental rates so you don’t have to worry about any hidden staffing fees!  We have a variety of ways that bar service can be paid for, all listed out below.  You can choose one option from the list below or a few of the options for different time periods throughout your wedding day/weekend.  i.e. Open bar for cocktail hour & shared bar at the reception.


HOST BAR – All drinks consumed are applied to your tab.

CASH BAR – Guests are responsible for paying for their own beverages at the bar.

SHARED BAR- Your guest pays a portion of the drink charge (i.e.. $4) and you pay remainder $1.50 (on a $5.50 drink)

TICKETED BAR – A set amount of tickets that you distribute to your guests and then the drinks that are “paid for” with tickets are added to your tab.

Drink Menu: 

Single Highballs – $5.50

Domestic Beer – $5.50

House Wines – $5.50

Import Beer – $6.50

Shots – $6.50

Double Highballs – $7.50

Premium Wines – $7.50

Specialty drinks & custom cocktails available upon request.

*All of our drinks prices include tax, an 18% gratuity is added on top of all bar tabs. 


Budgeting how much the bar will cost you? The general rule of thumb is to calculate one drink per guest per hour the bar will be open, with the understanding that some people will drink more than that, and some will drink less.  i.e.: If cocktail hour runs from 5-6pm and the reception 7-1am you will have 7 hours of service time, with 100 guests that is 700 drinks to budget for.  700x $5.50 (highballs, wine & domestic beers) = $3,850.


Wedding groups are permitted under our licensing to bring in table wine for the reception.  The wine must be purchased at a BC Liquor Store and receipts are required.  A $10/bottle corkage fee will be applied to all wine brought into the reception.  We recommend two bottles per table maximum to avoid waste.